School Improvement Planning

The Department of Education’s Nova Scotia School Accreditation Program establishes requirements for school improvement planning in all schools in Nova Scotia.  School boards ensure these requirements are met in their school boards.

The provincial program requires that:

  • multiple sources of data be used to guide decisions and demonstrate progress toward goal
  • school improvement plans be written documents
  • written plans include goals, strategies, actions, a measuring growth plan, and a professional learning plan
  • plans be reviewed by professionals from outside the school before implementation begins
  • progress during implementation is monitored, with annual reports to the school community
  • collaboration, partner involvement and two-way communication is part of the process
  • School Advisory Councils, or other parent-school organizations are part of the process
Reference: Nova Scotia Department of Education, School Accreditation Program
All SSRSB school improvement plans are kept up-to-date on the individual school websites.  Click HERE for the school directory.