Superintendent’s Report

Welcome Back!

I am pleased to welcome 6269 students back to school this year and especially the 426 new primary students and their families. Personally, I would like to thank all of our dedicated staff for their work in getting schools and classrooms ready after the summer months. Opening school each year is no small feat and by all accounts everything went very well!

Being new to SSRSB, I would also like to thank staff from all divisions – Operations, Finance, Human Resources and Education –  for helping my on-going transition, getting to know staff and my way around. My first and most important priority during this time has been getting to know the people and places that make up the South Shore. I must say, I am highly impressed by everyone’s dedication to student learning and well-being, professionalism and positive spirit. I have had the pleasure of visiting Greenfield Elementary, Verge House, North Queens, Newcombville Elementary, Bridgewater Junior Senior High, Parkview Education Centre, the bus garage and some drivers at Dr. John C. Wickwire Academy so far. During my travels, I have heard many say, “We are small here in the South Shore.” My reply to that we may be small, but we can do mighty things!  Together, along with the governing board, our cross-divisional focus on student-learning will create the learning spaces and mindset that will  be the best experience for our students and families we jointly serve. This is a great place to live and work and I’m looking forward to the Fall months and excited about getting out to see more people and community.

Our goal is to share news and provide information that allows readers to witness the excellent programs, supports and services provided by all staff and the elected Board in their contribution to the learning opportunities provided for our students.

– Scott Milner, Superintendent of Schools, SSRSB

(Except taken from the September/October monthly Superintendent Report)