Technology Engagement Learning Project (T.E.L.P.)

Begun in the spring of 2013, the Technology Engagement Learning Project (T.E.L.P.) , aims to achieve 1-to-1 mobile devices (iPads) in the hands of all students in selected Grades and Schools.

In recent years, schools have invited families and their students to sign a Policy and Guidelines Agreement, acknowledging that they recognize that the accessing of technology and the use of devices in our schools is for educational purposes.

The provincial policy – Network Access and Use can be viewed HERE.

There are also references to the Board’s Strategic Plan, which can be accessed HERE and the Provincial Code of Conduct, which can be viewed HERE.

Click HERE for a multi-media presentation, powered by Emaze, on the Technology Engagement Learning Project (T.E.L.P.).

Click HERE for information on links to assist parents and families who seek more information online about the Technology Engagement Learning Project (T.E.L.P.).

Click HERE to read a recently authored report from the SSRSB’s Assistive Technology Centre about a pilot project in the spring of 2014 at Hebbville Academy called UDL in Action.