Operations responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing and recommending capital construction and renovation priorities to the Board.
  • Preventative maintenance planning.
  • Maintaining and operating the student transportation system.
  • Building maintenance, custodial services and grounds programs.
  • Developing policies and procedures relating to student transportation and school property maintenance.
  • Providing a student transportation safety education and awareness program.
  • Providing Occupational Health and Safety services to the Board in compliance with the Nova Scotia Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Contact the staff member below regarding any questions or concerns related to their area of expertise.

Staff Contact Details Contact For
Brian Smith
Director of Operations
Phone: (902) 527-8195
Email: bsmith@ssrsb.ca
  • Operations policies and procedures
  • Capital projects
  • Supervisory issues – Operations
  • Unresolved operational issues
Roxanne Naugler
Executive Assistant to the Director of Operations
Phone: (902) 541-3028
Email: rnaugler@ssrsb.ca
  • General operations inquiries
  • Maintenance and computer technician work orders
  • Meetings and correspondence
Andy Selig
Operations Coordinator
Phone: (902) 523-4063
Email: aselig@ssrsb.ca
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Custodial/School facility issues
  • Technology issues
Bradley Judge
Property Services Manager
Phone: (902) 521 0580
Email: bjudge@ssrsb.ca
  • SSRSB Property Services
Sharon Jewer
Administrative Assistant – Facility Maintenance & Custodians/Grounds
Phone: (902) 541-8226
Email: sjewer@ssrsb.ca
  • Payroll questions for Custodians and Maintenance staff
  • Spare Custodian inquiries
Hal Corkum
Supervisor of Property Services
Phone: (902) 527-6326
Email: hcorkum@ssrsb.ca
  • Custodial services
  • Grounds maintenance
Alex Kay
Supervisor of Technology
Phone: (902) 521-6451
Email: akay@ssrsb.ca
  • Technology issues in schools
  • Wireless networks
  • Technician supervision

Contact Alex to reach IT Support Specialists

Rob Bonney
Supervisor of Information Technology Systems
Phone: (902) 523-4308
Email: rbonney@ssrsb.ca
  • Server Infrastructure Management
  • Website Management
  • Regional office technology support
  • Disaster recovery implementation
  • Board Office email management
Denise Crouse
Coordinator of Operations (Transportation & Grounds)
Phone: (902) 541-8248
Email: dcrouse@ssrsb.ca
  • Transportation staff concerns/complaints
  • Special needs bussing information
  • Fleet management
  • Student discipline regarding transportation
  • Bus Driver personnel issues
Wendell Weir
Transportation Manager
Phone: (902) 541-3056
Email: wweir@ssrsb.ca
  • Bus Driver personnel issues
  • Bus Driver training
  • Student and Family on-board transportation concerns
Gilbert Jackson
Transportation Analyst
Phone: (902) 541-8253
Email: gjackson@ssrsb.ca
  • Bussing schedules
  • Bus stop requests
  • Bus route information
  • All general bussing inquiries
Wanda Zinck
Transportation Clerk
Phone: (902) 541-8252
Email: wzinck@ssrsb.ca
  • Inquiries about buses running behind schedule
  • Inquiries about children missing the bus
  • Inquiries about articles lost or left on a bus
Gail Sinclair
Occupational Health & Safety Manager
Phone: (902) 521-0241
Email: gsinclair@ssrsb.ca
  • Health and safety issues
  • OHS committee information
  • Violence in the workplace
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