Roads Closed/Not Traveled by Bus

Tuesday April 4 back road closure plans will be in effect for George Joudrey Rd: Wentzell Rd. Baker Settlement: Fitch Rd: Dorey Mills Rd. Clearland: Molega Lake Rd. Chelsea: Murray Veinot Rd: Haines Rd. Farmington: China Lake Rd: Station Rd. Maitland: Back Street #2 Maitland: Smith Rd. West Northfield: Charles Hill Rd. Farmington: Lapland Rd. Lapland: Somerset Rd. Italy Cross: Elmwood Rd. Elmwood: Sweetland Rd: Stanburne Rd. and Conrad Rd. Stanburne: Hirtle Rd. Maitland: Whiteburne Rd. West Caledonia: Summary removed Echo Lodge Rd. rest of the roads are the same as Monday April 3

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