Strategic Plan Year 1: Baseline Data

Strategic Plan Year 1: Baseline Data

Goal 1: To demonstrate continuous improvement in instruction and student achievement

  • Measure 1: (Measure is ongoing.) To increase the percentage of students by cohort compared to provincial averages that are meeting or exceeding expected learning outcomes in Provincial Literacy and Math Assessments. (Note: to compare cohort data we need to factor in the provincial cohort average variance when determining success)
  • Measure 2: (Measure is ongoing.) South Shore Regional School Board (SSRSB) teachers will indicate a continuous improvement in their instructional practices as indicated through qualitative data from annual teacher surveys related to the effectiveness of their collaborative learning team.
  • Measure 3: SSRSB self-identified African Nova Scotian and First Nations/Aboriginal students will show increased achievement levels from report cards in the Math “Number” strand and all Language Arts strands (Grades 1-8) and numerical marks (grades 9-10). *This measure was revised in the second year of the Strategic Plan. Data can be found in Year 2, Goal 1, Measure 3.
  • Measure 4: (Measure is ongoing.) SSRSB Students in grades 7-12 will indicate through Tell Them From Me (TTFM) surveys that they are intellectually engaged in their learning at a rate of 5% above the National Average.

Goal 2: To remove barriers for a safe and healthy environment

  • Measure 1: (Measure is ongoing.) Student Survey respondents in Tell Them From Me (TTFM) will indicate a positive response in the bullying and school safety report on measures above the national average.
  • Measure 2: (Measure is ongoing.) The percentage of students being reported for severely disruptive behavior will decrease (Use 2013-14 as a baseline).
  • Measure 3: (Measure is ongoing.) The number of schools offering the Promoting Alternative THinking Strategies (PATHS) program will increase.
  • Measure 4: A Long Range Facility Plan is in place to ensure efficiencies. There was no Long Range Outlook Finalized during this Strategic Plan Year 1.

Goal 3: Promote and strengthen partnerships and community engagement

  •  Measure 1: (Measure is ongoing.) SSRSB will create new external partnerships and expand on current partnerships
  • Measure 2: (Measure is ongoing.) There will be an increase in the number of meetings between governing Board and school community members excluding the school review process.
  • Measure 3: (Measure is ongoing.) The community will report an increased awareness of public education as indicated through the Tell Them From Me (TTFM) Parent Survey.
  • Measure 4: (Measure is ongoing.) There will be an increase in positive media coverage of school and regional initiatives at the local level.
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